COVID-19: We are open as Essential Financial Services

We take seriously the critical role we play in getting money to places. Our Money Transfer Services ensure that the public has access to cash, thereby providing essential financial services to broad range of customers, including those who do not hold bank accounts. We will remain open 7 days a week for sending and receiving […]

Money Transfer Dublin covid open

Consumer Fraud Types

CONSUMER FRAUD is committed by fraudsters who perpetrate scams by convincing consumers to send money for apurpose that sounds legitimate but in reality is only a way to get the consumer to part with their hard-earned money. ADVANCED FEE/PREPAYMENT SCAMIn this scam the victim sends money to the fraudster in advance of receiving a certain […]

Acceptable documents for using MoneyGram Services In Ireland

ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF CONSUMER ID (but may not be limited to:) Ireland Citizens/Residents: • A current signed Passport • Irish photo card Driving License • Irish photo card Provisional Driving License Non-Ireland Citizens/Residents: • Passport • European Community Driving License • Northern Ireland Voters Card • EU ID Card • Seafarer ID (If this ID […]

NEPAL: Send money directly to any bank account in Nepal

Send money to any bank account in Nepal with Ria Money Transfer. This is a convenient way for beneficiaries to receive cash. No need to que up in banks and carry cash home. Please bring the following beneficiary details when coming to our shop: Receiver’s name and surname Name of receiver’s bank Account number Branch code Branch […]

INDIA: Xpress Money – Cash to Card service

Xpress Money has enhanced its alternate payment channels “Cash To Card” services in India, so as to leverage on their product offerings and acquire larger market share with the latest technological additions to the co-branded card service (In partnership with Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank & State Bank of India) KEY FEATURES OF THIS CASH […]

POLAND: 10 min ATM Money Transfer with Ria

If we are asked what is the most convenient and economic money transfer to Poland, with no hesitation we recommend cash pick at any Euronet ATM machine. This service is provided by Ria Money Transfer and offers lowest charges:  €3 for amounts up to €500 and €7.50 for amounts over €500 if money sent from […]