POLAND: 10 min ATM Money Transfer with Ria

Euronet ATM Poland Ria Money Transfer

Over 2500 Euronet ATM machines located in Poland

If we are asked what is the most convenient and economic money transfer to Poland, with no hesitation we recommend cash pick at any Euronet ATM machine. This service is provided by Ria Money Transfer and offers lowest charges:  €3 for amounts up to €500 and €7.50 for amounts over €500 if money sent from Ireland. We are convinced that Ria offers good deals for this service from other countries too.

Cash can be collected at any Euronet ATM machine in Poland, no cards required. The ATM machines have separate money transfer function: receiver must key in 2 security codes (sent to him by sender) and ATM will automatically dispense cash in local currency (Polish Zloty PLN). Currency exchange rates are competetive too. We monitor rates everyday and publish them here

Many of the Euronet ATM machines are located at the popular shopping centers, banks, petrol stations etc. It makes it very convenient to pick up transfers after banking hours, weekends and bank holidays. Some Euronet ATMs can be accessed 24 hours a day. Read more Ria Euronet ATM service in Poland

Other service details:

  • Minimum payout amount = PLN 50 ~ USD 16.
  •  Maximum payout amount = PLN 3000 ~ USD 1000.
  •  Available banknotes: 50s, 100s.
  •  Currently, service available in 2500 Euronet ATMs across Poland.
  •  Cash payout executed without ATM card (cardless solution).
  •  Cash payout is possible to execute few minutes after order posting.
  •  Orders are available to pay out 24 hours a day.
  •  Cash payout is executed after correct data entry: Order ID, Payout Amount,Single Security Code.

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